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How Arabic coffee works

How Arabic coffee works

A famous drink in the Arabian Peninsula and the Levant is added to it cardamom to give a wonderful taste and Arabic coffee is considered a symbol of hospitality and generosity when the people of Badia who used to hold her special councils called coffee or Diwaniya and offers Arabic coffee in what is called (estuary of coffee)with a cup without.

  • The Arabic coffee.
  • 5 tablespoons light Arabic coffee
  • 2 tablespoons coarse ground Hill
  • Spoon Hill finely ground
  • One and a half liters of water

Method of preparation:

  1. put coffee grounds in water on high heat and let boil then reduce the fire and let the coffee boil a quarter of an hour on low heat.
  2. add coarse cardamom and let it stir with coffee 5 minutes.
  3. after boiling we remove the coffee from the fire and halve it.
  4. when serving we add a little soft cardamom in each cup and then pour the coffee and serve.

id bihi mohamed


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