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How to make cake cup ornaments

How to make cake cup ornaments

Dessert cups cake cold and wonderful in the hot atmosphere is a layer of ornaments placed in the glasses in the refrigerator until it becomes cold, and consists of crumbly cake in the first layer and then a layer of cream cheese and cream with cream Chante and then a layer of cream chocolate and children can help you prepare dessert cups cake

  • Preparation time: 30 minutes
  • Cooking time: 
  • Total time: 30 minutes


  • To prepare the first layer:
  • Crumbly chocolate cake
  • Liquid milk
  • To prepare the second layer:
  • Half a glass of cold milk
  • A quarter cup of cream
  • A quarter cup of sugar
  • Half cup cream powder Chantilly
  • Quarter cup cream cheese
  • To prepare the last layer:
  • Half a glass of cold milk
  • Half cup cream powder Chantilly
  • 6 pieces of melted chocolate
  • Small chocolate bars for decorating

Method of preparation

  1. We begin to break up the cake, distribute it on the cups and then put on top of it about a teaspoon of liquid milk in each cup .
  2. For the second layer, put the milk in a blender, topped cheese-creamy, cream powder, cream Shantou and we thank the mixture until it becomes creamy .
  3. Spread the cream mixture on the cups evenly and place in the freezer until firm .
  4. While the cups cool we prepare the third layer, put the milk and cream in a bowl and beat until the cream forms .
  5. Melt the chocolate pieces, add them over the cream and whisk all the ingredients together .
  6. Put the last layer in the cups and decorate with chocolate pieces so that the cake ornaments of the cups are ready to serve .

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