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How to make a frieze cocktail

How to make a frieze cocktail

And in our recipe today we will leave the field for the Frieze to express itself and it is mixed with its floral color frieze with milk white to give us a wonderful cocktail frieze / with exceptional taste and interesting color especially if we create decorations special cocktail Cup such as straw or Ashel and the like and in Damascus.

Ingredients of the Frieze cocktail:

  • 2 cups of Frieze
  • Glass and a half cold milk
  • A quarter cup of sugar.

How to prepare a frieze cocktail:

  1. Wash the Frieze and remove its green veins.
  2. in an electric mixer, put the milk and sugar.
  3. Mix the ingredients until smooth .
  4. Add the friezes and mix well.

id bihi mohamed


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