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How to make iced mint lemon juice

How to make iced mint lemon juice

How to make a lemon mint juice this recipe of mint fact, adds another dimension to cold drinks, the refreshing effect of a glass of lemon and mint juice will extend throughout the day, and will give you a wonderful feeling during a hot day, and everyone will love it, adding to the benefits of this type of drink for the diet and pregnant.


  • - 10 mint leaves. 
  • - 1 large lemon
  • - Half a glass of sugar (if you are subject to a certain diet, give up sugar completely or just a teaspoon )
  • - Half a glass of water.
  • - 2-3 pieces of ice.

How to make lemon juice with mint:

  1. Peel the lemon in the same way that peel her orange when you eat it.
  2. Put the lemon with the rest of the ingredients in a blender and bring them on high speed until the mixture is smooth and fluidly.
  3. Pour them in and have fun!Iced lemon mint.
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