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Latest wristwatches for women

Latest wristwatches for women

Women's watches are important pieces for many women because they are not only a machine to know the time, but women's watches are one of the parts of the accessory that complete the elegance and elegance of the quality of the clothes worn by the this sense, many brands of watches have spread with all materials, including leather and metal watches and watches of handicrafts. some designers of international brands have also devised the use of precious precious stones of high value in the body of the watch to increase its elegance and price value.

Best brands of women's hand watches:

Through this article, we will show you some of the designs and brands of watches that fit with each look, including what is expensive and valuable and what is economical to suit everyone's potential.

Longbow watch:

This brand of watches is made of mineral glass, which gives it a great degree of hardness and strength, and a strap on the hand of stainless steel and colored in a delicate pink color that is characterized by stability, the Watch works against water damage on the machine, the watch is suitable for everyday use, the price of this watch in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Diesel watch:

In all its designs, diesel is interested in the sporty and casual design that is most comfortable for all everyday purposes, as many young people want to buy it to suit their personalities, and the price of this original diesel watch is about 7,000 EGP.

Jess watch:

As is usual of Jesse Universal has released a new Watch has a unique design with frame encrusted also brilliant, belt handbag metal elegant in bronze color that does not change its color, this watch is priced in the Arab Republic of Egypt, starting from 1470 Egyptian pounds to 5400 pounds.

Dolce & Gabbana watch:

Is Marc de & G Brands, world famous for its production of the finest perfumes clothing and accessories including watches women's wear with a stylish design, high precision and value terms studded framework of the diamond trap the hand strap from on high, to startle price 33,500 U.S. EGP.

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