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Method of action of almond syrup

Method of action of almond syrup

The origin of this drink dates back to the Ottoman era, where it was served to the Kings, and almonds are a whole of important nuts that contain important nutrients for the body it contains omega-3, in addition to many minerals, can prepare almond syrup in different ways, try this distinctive recipe and offer it to your family in the hot summer nights, you need.

Ingredients of almond syrup action :

  • To prepare the almond Center: eight cups of very fresh and cold milk, one and a half kilos of almond / marzipan paste, a tablespoon of flower water , a tablespoon of rose water
  • To prepare almond syrup : two cups very cold fresh milk, half a glass of ice , two cups almond concentrate
  • For foam: eight pieces of whey sweetness
  • Method of preparation of almond Center
  • Put all the ingredients in the bait maker and mix well until we get a thick, homogeneous and cohesive mixture
  • Digging this mixture until use in the freezer.

Method of preparation of almond syrup :

  1. Put the milk, ice and almond Center in an electric blender and beat well until a syrup has a foamy and cohesive form.
  2. To prepare the foam: cut the halva twigs into small pieces and then beat until it disintegrates, put the halva twigs in a bowl and immerse in water then boil them for about five minutes and over medium heat.
  3. Halva halves by gauze then put the water extracted from halva in the cake whisk and whisk until it thickens and becomes the consistency of water like foam.
  4. Pour almond syrup into glasses and decorate the face of the glass with foam.

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