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Method of action of fresh coconut juice

Method of action of fresh coconut juice

Coconut juice is fresh, nutritious beverage rich with healthy ingredients, consisting of white chocolate with cashews, coconut milk and other ingredients useful, fits to eat for breakfast, especially in winter days ahead .

  • Preparation time: 5 minutes
  • Cooking time: 7 minutes
  • Total time: 12 minutes


  • - 2 piece large or 4 small pieces of white chocolate.
  • - 2 and a half cups of coconut milk
  • - 6 tablespoons of oats
  • - 1 ripe banana
  • - 20 cashews
  • - 2 tbsp unsweetened roasted coconut

Method of preparation

  1. Put white chocolate in a jug, and pour 2 cups of coconut milk. Put them in the microwave until the mixture is hot.
  2. Put oats, bananas, cashews, a tablespoon of roasted coconut, and half a cup of cold coconut milk in a blender ( do not add any hot liquid to the blender).
  3. Beat the ingredients at high speed for a minute until the oats are completely mixed (add a little cold coconut milk or water if the mixture seems too thick).
  4. Divide the oatmeal mixture between two cups and stir with the hot milk and chocolate mixture. Put the remaining roasted coconut on the face and feet.
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