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Method of action of green juice for slimming

Method of action of green juice for slimming

 Juicy green slimming known that natural juice fresh is good for health dramatically, and energy, yet he should eat fruit or vegetables completely until the body gets the fibers, but the juice can be added to any diet.

Ingredients of green juice for slimming:

  • - Vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, beets, vinyl or small pieces of ginger)
  • - Fruit (apples, pears, mangoes, and other hard fruits)
  • - Citrus (lemon, orange, crevon) )
  • - Vegetables with spinach leaves, turnips.)
  • - Optional: raspberry or strawberry
  • - Optional: chili
  • - Optional: fresh herbs (basil, parsley, coriander

Preparation methodgreen juice for slimming:

1. Wash vegetables and fruits well

- The key to getting a green juice with a good taste is to balance the flavors of the materials used, and there is no problem between the flavors of the vegetables themselves, but the secret lies in mixing the sweet and sour fruit flavor, and if you are a fan of chili will be an excellent choice, emphasizing the removal of seeds and sharp

2. Peel the Citrus.

Most of the components of green juice do not need to be peeled and can be squeezed directly, except citrus that must be peeled, peel and pulp can give a bitter taste, especially when squeezed, so it is better to peel citrus, and it is important to remove the pits on their surface as well.

3. Scrape or peel dirty vegetables

While some ingredients do not need to be peeled, they require scraping their surface ( especially root vegetables), such as beetroot which is excellent for fresh juice, so to clean these ingredients, use a cleaning fiber and vegetable soap, or if you want to peel them all.

4. Chop the large-sized vegetables to fit the size of the juicer

All kinds of juicers have a tube from the top through which vegetables and fruits are inserted when the process of squeezing, some ingredients such as carrots can be easily inserted, but apples for example or turnips must be cut into two or more parts in order to enter.

5. Squeeze the ingredients

Now everything is ready, and you can start squeezing vegetables and fruits together, some juicers have modes to control the speed of the age, if you use them, you can squeeze vegetables like kale on high speed, while squeeze citrus on low speed.

6. Discard or use the remaining pulp

You can take advantage of the pulp of the ingredients in the salad, or keep them in a bag directly to make them easier to dispose of.

7. Clean the juicer.

Most juicers can be cleaned quickly, they only need a simple wash, and often there is a special brush to clean the disc and scrape off what is attached to it from the pulp, before packing and arranging it in place.

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