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Method of action of hot lemon syrup

Method of action of hot lemon syrup

Hot lemon syrup benefits in preventing colds rich in vitamin C,, do not do without it in winter will provide you with energy and help you burn extra calories.

Ingredients of the action of hot lemon syrup:

  • Lemon, cut into quarters (green or yellow)
  • Glass of water
  • Teaspoon honey
  • Quarter teaspoon ground ginger

Method of action of hot lemon syrup:

  • Put water in a pot on the fire
  • Add chopped lemon to the water
  • Let the lemon with boiling water for a quarter of an hour
  • Add the ginger and let it boil a little
  • Pour it into a cup and sweet with honey instead of sugar or sweet with sugar


  • You can sweeten sugar but honey is good for more than sugar with this drink.
  • To benefit more in burning calories, dispense with honey, sugar or saccharin.
  • Put a lemon slice in the cup to enjoy a stronger lemon taste.
  • Take it on an empty stomach and before bedtime to benefit more after fatty meals.
  • Dispense ginger if you don't like its taste.
  • Do not let the ginger boil too much do not the drink does not taste bitter and unloved.

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