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Method of action of pomegranate juice

Method of action of pomegranate juice

The benefits of pomegranate are many concentrated juices that we can keep at home is the best hospitality can be offered to surprise guests and is considered concentrated pomegranate juice one of them this juice that contains a high nutritional value and no artificial colors we offer you in the original way.

Composition of pomegranate juice concentrate:

  • 2 cups of pomegranate fritters

How to prepare concentrated pomegranate juice:

  1. overeat pomegranate beans .
  2. put in an electric mixer and mix.
  3. Drain the pomegranate with a cloth until the seeds are drained.
  4. put the juice in a bowl over the fire .
  5. consideration is given to continuous fluctuation.
  6. when boiling, remove from heat.
  7. refrigerate until cool.
  8. when applying, take into account the following in each cup:
  9. put a quarter cup of pomegranate juice, two tablespoons of sugar and the rest water and stir .
  10. best served cold.

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