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Method of cleaning the tongue from bacteria

Method of cleaning the tongue from bacteria

Cleaning the tongue from bacteria, the tongue is the organ responsible for talking, it is a soft organ, and the tongue is exposed to bacteria and attached to it food protectors, and not cleaning it properly leads to bad breath and in this report we offer you the method of cleaning the tongue

Check your tongue:

If you notice the surface of the tongue is not soft and filled with grains and cracks, you should clean it and go to the doctor.

Choosing a tongue cleaning tool:

There are different types of tongue cleaning tools such as case it is most prevalent, there are toothbrushes modern by the possibility of cleaning the tongue.

Cleaning the tongue:

Separate the tongue until you have full access to it, in addition to avoiding the feeling of vomiting, use the tongue cleaning tool from back to front and repeat until the tongue is fully cleaned.

Then use mouthwash after cleaning the tongue to eliminate the remaining bacteria and to get a refreshing breath.

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