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Method of getting rid of lice and infestations permanently

Method of getting rid of lice and infestations permanently

Getting rid of lice and infestations completely is not difficult and often affects children because they are less experienced in detecting it early, it quickly becomes a nuisance for the child unnoticed because of the constant itching and irritation felt in the head and therefore your child will not be able to relax or do any activity, and one of the most important causes of infection is playing from other children infected with it or

Although it is possible to go to the doctor and get prescriptions to get rid of lice, this type of treatment is usually avoided by many parents because of its side effects so they tend to use natural methods of treating head lice to maintain a healthy scalp especially if the child has allergies .

Here we present the most important effective home remedies for getting rid of lice and infestations:

- Vinegar:

Is put distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar on the baby's head and rub the hair gently and leave it for a while, then rinse the hair thoroughly with water and finally illustrates the coconut oil on the hair and comb the hair to get rid of lice dead .

– Olive oil:

Apply olive oil on the scalp look even saturated falls doesn't leave room for the summit open to tell him so after 15-20 minutes is comb the dead lice and then removed the oil with shampoo and then rinse it with water and the process is repeated until the lice completely change the clothes carefully after each time .

– Tea tree oil:

One of the best home remedies to get rid of lice and their eggs where the oil is simply mixed with water and placed in a spray bottle, then the mixture is sprayed on the scalp and covered with a towel for a while then the hair is thoroughly rinsed with water and the procedure is repeated twice a week .

– Garlic:

Hate lice Ocean the smell of garlic, so I put 8-10 garlic cloves with lemon juice and making a paste which is then placed on the scalp and rubbed in well and leave for half an hour and then rinse the hair with hot water .

– Baking soda:

Baking soda helps to strangle and kill lice by mixing one third of the amount of baking soda with three quarters of the hair balm and then the mixture is placed on the head and the hair is combed to remove the dead lice and repeat the process several times until the lice are completely eliminated .

If the lice are not completely eliminated using these natural remedies and the lice eggs are spread in the head in abundance, you should consult a doctor .

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