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Pistachio damage to pregnant women and children

Pistachio damage to pregnant women and children

Pistachio damage is normal if the amount we consume increases above normal because the rule says "everything that has gone too far has turned against it", is there really damage to pistachios? The answer is yes, according to Sky News.

  • Pistachios also have great benefits, but too much of them also have damage that can lead to serious kidney and Digestive Diseases.
  • It is known that the benefits of pistachios are numerous because they contain vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, but too much of it leads to a feeling of satiety and thus loss of appetite and weight and the elimination of other nutrients during the day.
  • Sometimes I don't have pistachios roasted well allowing bacterial salmonella stay which poses a risk to human health especially children and the elderly weakened immune system they have.
  • Even in the case of roasting, the danger does not disappear, this necessary process leads to an increase in “acrylamide” in pistachios, and it is known that this substance stimulates the growth of cancer-related cells in the human body.
  • Excessive consumption of pistachios in humans leads to weight gain, high blood pressure, allergies, high manganese, kidney and digestive problems.
  • Therefore, the well-known advice is that you do not overeat useful things thinking that you will get double benefits, and know that the benefit of all useful foods lies in the right amount we eat.

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