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Red watermelons are harmful to this type of person.

Red watermelons are harmful to this type of person.

There is no doubt that the melon red the many benefits of a fruit-famous refreshing in the summer, but what we didn't expect it to be there are people who are not recommended to eat watermelon red for health reasons may be you're one of them, dear reader.

A Russian nutritionist says that red watermelons have a negative effect on people with chronic gastrointestinal diseases, advising them to stay away from eating them.

Dr. Svetlana Voss, according to the World News, added that people who suffer from:

  • Inflammation in the colon
  • Prostate diseases
  • Diarrhea.
  • Kidney stones

Do not eat red watermelon although it is a fruit that the body loves because it contains a large amount of water and nutrients.

Finally the expert advises a very important advice and points out that you should not at all eat watermelon before the season because its maturity in the pre-season indicates the use of chemicals to secret its maturity, so it is recommended to wait until its maturity in the season.

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