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Refreshing natural energy drinks


Refreshing natural energy drinks

Natural energy drinks as summer intensifies our need for natural and unprocessed refreshing energy drinks extinguishes the heat of the day and we offer you here a range of suggestions.

Kiwi and berries

Kiwi and berry juice combines the acidity of lemon, the moisture of Kiwi and strawberry creating a calming effect, and with water
Iced soda sparkles fresh fruit flavors, and the drink becomes perfect for relaxation.

Lee Green

The green Lei Lei takes you on a fantasy journey to the sandy beaches and clear waters of one of the picturesque islands, where the tropical drink is made up of fresh green apple juice, rose syrup and blue lake, making for an incredible fantasy trip to the magnificent Riviera just a sip away.

Summer lava (summer lava)

The combination of hibiscus tea extract, healthy carrot juice and passion fruit puree moisturizes, refreshes and nourishes the skin from the inside.

Refreshing drink

The refreshing seven sand juice gives an amazing sense of freshness with its delicious blend of orange, lemon, passion fruit and watermelon, as well as bright orange and red that make the refreshing drink the perfect choice to de-stress a long and stressful day's work, or to relax after exercise.

Caramel Mocha cello

Consisting of espresso, whole milk, caramel sauce, and a large amount of fresh cream, this refreshing drink represents the dream of coffee lovers.
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