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Super green juice to cleanse the body of toxins

Super green juice to cleanse the body of toxins

Green juicing a natural cleanser of the strongest peace existing in the body, it helps the liver in the process of rolling out toxins we are encouraged by the activity and rest, especially when eaten in the morning, or after a hearty meal of meat that consists the juice of cucumber and CEO Basil and apple juice, vida downtown dubai .

  • Preparation time: 5 minutes
  • Cooking time: 3 minutes
  • Total time: 8 minutes


  • Fresh green apple juice 100 ml
  • Celery fresh
  • Fresh cucumber half fruit
  • Fresh mint 2 sticks
  • Fresh basil 4 sticks

Method of preparation

  1. Put cucumbers in an electric blender.
  2. Add celery.
  3. Add mint and basil.
  4. Finally add the lemon juice and mix well.
  5. Can be eaten with breakfast.

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