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Surprise.. Doctors reveal damage to tiny sunglasses


Surprise.. Doctors reveal damage to tiny sunglasses

Small sunglasses damage, during the summer period, international fashion houses display many distinctive models of sunglasses, which match the atmosphere of the sea and the warm beaches.

During the past period, the model of sunglasses with small lenses has spread among the stars of Hollywood, which has become very popular among women.
Many world-class ophthalmologists have warned that this model of eyeglasses allows large amounts of sunlight to pass through the eye to cause significant eye damage that can reach corneal damage and blindness.

Doctors at Houston Methodist Hospital advised wearing large-rimmed sunglasses that give double protection to the eye lens from ultraviolet rays that affect the retina and damage the cornea.

Doctors stressed the need to wear sunglasses with large frames during the summer period, especially for owners of light eyes and children, as well as people who have undergone modern eye surgeries, according to foochia.
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