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The benefits of eating almonds on an empty stomach

The benefits of eating almonds on an empty stomach

Benefits of eating almonds, almond is one of the most famous nuts in the world, it enters into cooking and is used as a treatment for some diseases, and is considered an energy booster it contains high levels of fiber, vitamin E, and proteins.

What are the benefits of eating 7 almonds a day

Improve blood sugar level

Almonds carry high magnesium properties, studies have shown that magnesium intake in dietary foods reduces the risk of developing diabetes, and researchers have found that long-term blood sugar levels may cause magnesium loss through urine, so people with diabetes may be more susceptible to magnesium deficiency.

Protects against heart disease

According to the World Heart Federation, the properties of almonds reduce the risk of heart disease, and an effective treatment for people who suffer from diabetes, because it contains a high percentage of monounsaturated fats that reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Promote brain health

Almonds have nutritional benefits that help promote brain health, and in the past years almonds have been considered an essential food for children's development, because they have vital nutrients in the brain riboflavin and carnitine, which have been shown to increase brain activity, leading to new neural pathways and a decrease in the incidence of Alzheimer's disease.

Regulation of cholesterol

Regular consumption of almonds helps increase high-density lipoproteins, it also reduces low-density lipoproteins such as cholesterol levels, this balance is vital for a healthy cholesterol level.

Strengthen bones

An important source of many vitamins and minerals, phosphorus, it characteristics a significant impact on the strength and durability of bones and teeth, while also prevents the emergence of cases associated with aging such as osteoporosis.

Enhance immunity

Almonds contain large sources of alkaloids, which are useful for the immune system, and have a high content of vitamin E, A powerful antioxidant that helps fight cancer and heart disease.

Skin care

Some doctors recommend almond oil for newborn massage, and almond milk is added to some soaps, because of its well-established reputation for improving skin.

Reduce inflammation

Is a significant source because it contains two fatty acids that help reduce inflammation throughout the body, as they reduce cholesterol levels, and promotes healthy skin and hair.

Weight loss

Can use unsweetened almond milk lose the weight, it contains monounsaturated fat, which prevents over-eating, and dietary fiber contained in almonds also help you in feeling full, studies have shown that people who regularly consume almonds at least twice a week are more likely to reach your ideal weight, and maintain it.

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