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The benefits of parsley on an empty stomach

The benefits of parsley on an empty stomach

Benefits of decoction of parsley on an empty stomach, parsley is one of the most famous herbs that is not without home kitchen, it is an appetizing addition to meals and a decorative factor for dishes before serving, and it is a key ingredient for some of the famous Arabic dishes around the world such as tabbouleh salad.

In addition to his role in recipes has a great therapeutic role in natural recipes to treat various diseases and strengthen the body building as parsley is a herb rich in all the nutrients that make it a miracle grass, it is rich in vitamin A and vitamin B and vitamin C compounds, and contains abundant amounts of iron, calcium and antioxidants, and

The benefits of drinking a decoction of parsley on an empty stomach :

Disinfectant for toxins:

The first ingredient in most of the programs set to Max, which aims to flush out toxins from the body and activate is a decoction of parsley, it helps to clean the kidneys, liver, cleanses the toxins from them, especially if taken on an empty stomach daily.

Maintain bone health:

Parsley is rich in minerals especially calcium and drinking a decoction of parsley daily helps strengthen the bones of the body, keep them healthy and prevent diseases that may be afflicting them such as osteoporosis.

Treatment of anemia:

Parsley has a high content of iron that works to produce erythrocytes in the body, raise hemoglobin and eliminate anemia.

Decoction of parsley helps to lose weight:

One of the most effective remedies that eliminate fat, especially abdominal fat, is the decoction of parsley and it raises the rate of burning the body and experiments confirm that the regularity of drinking a decoction of parsley daily helps to reduce 3 kg every week.

Stimulates the body's immune system:

The nutrients contained in parsley especially vitamin C make it a powerful and effective stimulator of the body's immune system and disease prevention

Helps improve vision:

Parsley decoction provides the body with an abundant amount of vitamin A responsible for improving vision in the human body so drinking parsley decoction daily regularly works to maintain and improve vision especially in children

Cancer prevention:

Parsley decoction fights free radicals that attack the cells of the body and cause cancer through antioxidants that parsley contains in abundance.

Keeps hair healthy and skin fresh:

Drink a decoction of parsley helps to purify the skin of impurities and maintains their freshness, as it stimulates the production of collagen is responsible for maintaining youthful skin and hair health.

Method of preparation of parsley decoction:


  • Half a bunch of parsley
  • 1 liter of water
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Honey bees (to taste)


Raise money and parsley on the fire and boil for 15 minutes then strain and add the lemon juice and sweetened with a honey, to taste.

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