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The benefits of strawberries for dry skin

The benefits of strawberries for dry skin

Benefits of strawberries for dry skin, strawberries are not limited to juices and sweets, but they offer good benefits for the face, women are always busy looking for a new approach to get more beauty, including natural masks, and in that framework strawberry enters into many useful face masks.

What are the benefits of strawberries for the face?

1 - anti-oxidant

2 - rich in vitamin E and C

Strawberries are known as a good source of vitamin C and E, Vitamin C strengthens the immune system to avoid skin diseases, in addition, it creates a better face appearance, so a mask with strawberries is a good way to regulate vitamins for the skin of the face.

3 - hydration

Strawberries contain water that brings hydration to the skin, which avoids the dryness of the face, moreover, it can maintain the level of moisture in the face.

4 - development

Strawberry mask helps soften the face of the skin, bringing a soft sensation to the cheek, and makes you have soft skin like a child.

5. brighter

By applying the mask, the face of the skin will look brighter. So do not fear the Sun that usually brings dark skin.

6. reduce wrinkles

Strawberry antioxidant works to avoid wrinkles and fine lines, so it is useful to keep your face younger.

7. avoid dark circles

Strawberries reduce dark dark circles, you can apply a strawberry mask before bedtime, and when you wake up your skin will become healthy and bright.

8. avoid acne

Strawberry cleanses the face from dirt, thus forming anti-inflammatories that work to avoid acne, because they contain vitamins that help stimulate facial cells.

 9. avoid skin cancer

The antioxidant works to generate a good cell in the skin face, in addition to preventing the growth of cancer cells, through a daily strawberry mask،

It avoids the possibility of skin cancer, as well as avoiding the effects of UV rays from the sun, and maintaining healthy skin over time.

10. UV protection

Strawberry mask protects the face from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, which damage the skin of the face.

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