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The benefits of wheat germ oil for skin and hair

The benefits of wheat germ oil for skin and hair

Benefits of wheat germ oil, wheat germ plant, is one of the most common and consumed cereals, which is the main ingredient of different types of foods, such as bread, pasta, wheat germ can be used as a food additive, or a dietary supplement for its great nutritional value, as it is a plant source of many important nutrients, in addition to the possibility.

Contains 100 grams of wheat germ, 360 calories, 23 grams of protein, and is one of the ten most elements of food contain vitamins and minerals, in addition to healthy fats, and is a rich source of energy, protein, fiber, and antioxidants.

Wheat germ is added to some granola and oat cereal, it is a popular dish for fruit pies, yogurt, ice cream, hot or cold cereals, and can be a healthy alternative to bread balls in meatballs, meatloaf.

The benefits of wheat germ for :

  1. wheat germ contains a lot of fiber that serves to transport nutrients in the digestive tract, and this certainly helps you get rid of harmful substances.
  2. the fetus also contains a lot of vitamin E which helps the reproductive system in both men and women work well, but it can also help sexually impotent men.
  3. vitamin E also works to combat aging, maintain the softness and freshness of the skin, and get rid of dark circles.
  4. contains thiamine is very important in maintaining the health and strength of hair, skin and bone growth.
  5. wheat germ rich in fatty alcohols works to resist muscle atrophy and other muscle problems.
  6. helps maintain the body's metabolism, which makes the metabolism run faster and thus burn more calories.
  7. all the nutrients found in wheat germ, especially Vitamins E and B, help fight all kinds of diseases, including cancer.
  8. lowers bad cholesterol in the blood and maintains heart health and also works to prevent the risk of heart attacks.
  9. contains folic acid important for maternal and fetal nutrition as it helps prevent congenital malformations that can occur to the fetus.

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