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The right way to prepare ginger so as not to lose its benefits

The right way to prepare ginger so as not to lose its benefits

Ginger drink has been prescribed to treat many diseases such as upper respiratory problems, cough, in addition to being a blood sugar regulator, anti-bleeding and diuretic, but if you experience nausea and a tendency to vomit when you wake up from sleep, “this condition spreads among pregnant women”, you should eat ginger drink on an empty stomach, as many scientific studies have shown that eating a glass of ginger on an empty stomach is comparable to the effect of vitamin B6, which treats this condition.

But dear readers, there are common mistakes in the preparation of ginger that lose its benefits

Use ginger as soon as you cut it:

According to the German medical website heilpraxisnet, ginger loses a great aromatic property, so it is recommended to use it immediately when cutting.

Do not boil ginger :

The second mistake is that we cut ginger and boil it with water thinking that we are thus extracting more of its benefits and in fact the method according to the same source is useless, the right way is to cut ginger and add boiling water to it and wait 5 minutes to get a useful drink.

Don't peel the ginger :

The German website Bashir that ginger peel contains great benefits added to its original benefits and advised not to peel ginger but wash it well to get a wonderful and useful drink.

Do not add too much sugar to ginger:

The addition of sugar to ginger brings the benefits to zero and the harm of white sugar is too much and it eliminates what we get from ginger, so it can be sweetened with maple syrup, honey or raisin infusion.

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