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Treatment of hair loss in children with herbs

Treatment of hair loss in children with herbs

Hair loss treatment when the kids herbs may have a significant impact on the child's confidence, there are many reasons why your child is suffering from this problem, so we'll give in this section a range of home remedies are natural and effective, which can create your child's hair loss is final and the most important:

Oil massage:

Various types of oils have properties that help prevent hair loss, especially olive oil and coconut oil, which strengthens the hair roots and contributes to its growth and makes it healthy and dense, after applying the oil to the hair rinse with cold water .

Fenugreek plant:

An effective home remedy is fenugreek seed, which contains hormones that rebuild your baby's hair follicles as well as nicotinic acid and proteins necessary to stimulate hair growth, this is done by soaking a glass of fenugreek seed in water for a whole night and then grinding it to make a paste to apply to the hair for 40 minutes, then rinsing.

Onion juice:

Many studies have proven the great benefit of onions in the treatment of hair loss in children because it contains sulfur that stimulates hair growth and antibacterial properties that reduce inflammation in the scalp, so onion juice can be placed on the hair roots and left for 30 minutes and then wash the hair with a shampoo intended for children and repeat it.

Coconut milk:

This home remedy can be used easily and get quick results by adding coconut spray to a saucepan of water and leaving it on low heat for 5 minutes then filter the mixture and let it cool then apply it to your baby's scalp and massage the hair well and leave it for 20 minutes then wash the hair with baby shampoo .

It is worth mentioning that specialists should be consulted before trying any of the mentioned home remedies as the baby's skin and scalp are very sensitive and care must be taken before starting any treatment .

In fact, some important points to prevent hair loss in children should be taken into account by following a healthy diet for your child that includes vitamins A, C, E, zinc and iron because their deficiency causes hair loss . 

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