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Treatment of hereditary hair loss in men

Treatment of hereditary hair loss in men

Treatment of hereditary hair loss in men, I don't think baldness is genetic serious illness it is a normal condition caused by abnormalities in the genes and the level of hormones in the body and the factors of age, the main reason for hair loss to genetic disorders; despite the prevalence of many of the pharmaceutical treatments against hair loss genetic however, physical therapy has proven better results desired by people who suffer from this problem because they found that drugs that are prescribed contain chemicals that may cause side effects harmful to the hair and scalp, unlike natural treatments are effective and without any side effects .

_Is it possible to treat hereditary alopecia naturally :

In fact, there is no alternative to a healthy diet that includes all the nutritional values that the body needs, fish and eggs are rich in protein that helps to grow healthy and shiny hair, and vegetables and fruits nourish the hair roots and must be eaten daily . Milk and all kinds of soups contribute to the stimulation of blood circulation and thus hair growth, and it is recommended to drink large amounts of water to fill the body and skin need of hydration, which prevents the dryness of the scalp, which leads to hair loss .

It should be noted that the head massage the different types of oils is one of the best natural remedies, for example, massaging the scalp with coconut oil for 10 minutes or olive oil helps in hair growth and help him .

Treatments for hair loss due to genetic disorders include herbal treatments that strengthen hair from roots to ends, in addition, vinegar and lemon juice nourish the scalp and no trace remains of dandruff, which is one of the most important causes of hair loss . And as that natural home remedies are helpful for contrast, beneficial to the health of the body overall .

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