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Vitamin C benefits for infants

Vitamin C benefits for infants

Vitamin C of the important vitamins for human health, it helps to absorb iron in the body, enhance immunity and strengthen blood vessels can get vitamin C from foods and fruits, but you should consult your doctor before you submit your baby's foods.

What are the benefits of vitamin C for babies?

Keeps gums healthy

Vitamin C preserves the gums of infants so it is recommended to eat foods and drinks to supply the baby with vitamin C necessary for the baby

Strengthen blood vessels

Babies are more susceptible to infections, so taking the right amount of vitamin C helps the baby strengthen blood vessels.

Enhance immunity

Babies are known to have weak immunity that makes them more susceptible to diseases, and it is important to strengthen the baby's immunity to build a strong body and fight disease by taking a suitable dose for the baby daily.

Wound treatment

Vitamin C helps heal wounds through the production of collagen that works to strengthen and revitalize skin cells.

Absorption of iron

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the child from cancer or heart disease and helps to absorb iron more efficiently.

The best sources of vitamin C for infants

The best way to prevent vitamin C deficiency is to add sources rich in vitamin C, but consult a doctor before introducing any new food to your baby.


A quarter cup of guava provides about 82.5 milligrams of vitamin C.

Orange juice

Citrus fruit, especially oranges are full of vitamin C so it is recommended to provide a sufficient amount of Orange child


Papaya is a fruit with a high content of vitamin C.


A quarter cup of mango gives your baby 11 milligrams of vitamin C.


Potatoes from vegetables with a high content of vitamin C


Fruits are known to be rich in vitamin C so most mothers go to give their babies a sufficient amount of bananas.

The benefits of vitamin C for adults


Some studies suggest that those who ate foods or foods containing vitamin C are less prone to stroke

Skin aging

Vitamin C affects cells in and out of the body, a study suggests that intake of vitamin C reduces skin wrinkles and dry skin.

To reduce the risk of cancer

Some research has shown that vitamin C helps reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease as well as improve macular degeneration and reduce inflammation


Studies have shown that vitamin C is useful for those who have a weakened immune system due to stress, it is one of the nutrients that make a person healthy.

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