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Warning of dairy and flavored juices

Warning of dairy and flavored juices

Dairy and flavored juices, nutritionists have warned against eating juices and dairy added to them flavors or taste, because they have significant damage to human health and are due to contain unnatural and unhealthy ingredients in huge quantities.

Scientists have confirmed the need to avoid those juices and milk contain many industrial materials that cause allergic reactions to a large category of users. 

Scientists advised to observe many conditions in dairy products and healthy juices and came as follows:

  1. ensure that drinks contain 100% natural fruit.
  2. the ultimate departure from dairy labeled "rip fruit", or "berry flavored yogurt".
  3. do not be fooled by the taste of delicious fruit in the RAIB with fruit flavor; where it contains huge amounts of sugar to overcome the tart taste of yogurt.
  4. replace dairy and flavored juices with natural fruits and honey to enjoy new health and get the most benefit of dairy products; according to the akhbarak website.

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