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Ways to choose suitable clothes for pregnancy

Ways to choose suitable clothes for pregnancy

Women during pregnancy have many changes in their body and weight as well, so they resort to change the regime of their clothes throughout the pregnancy, hence pregnant women, especially working women, are looking for many ideas to choose clothes that match the nature of pregnancy and pregnancy, and we offer you through this article some of these ideas.

First clothes suitable for the first three months of pregnancy:

At the beginning of pregnancy the abdomen is not noticeably visible, and the weight does not change much than before, because of the loss of appetite in this period and nausea and persistent, so it is easier for pregnant workers to choose clothes with ease during this period.

Secondly clothing suitable for work during the second trimester of pregnancy :

During this period, the pregnant woman has many changes where the abdomen begins to protrude in a clear way and gradually grows, especially with the arrival of the fifth and sixth months of pregnancy, and therefore pregnant women need wide clothes in a larger way, in addition to the need to choose clothes with soft fabrics during long hours.

It is noted that during this period it is difficult to wear women's suits because the trousers will not be comfortable at this time, and it is possible to choose wide trousers and open laser and wear suitable shoes and sports, as for the dresses it is to be elastic and loose.

Thirdly clothes suitable for work during the last months of pregnancy :

The last stage of pregnancy begins from the seventh month to the ninth month, and at this time the abdomen becomes more prominent than before, and the weight increases significantly as the ladies increase during this stage by about five to seven kilograms, and it is better during the last months of pregnancy to choose loose and wide clothes, especially as the

As for shoes, it is best to wear floor shoes or sneakers that are comfortable for the feet in the last period of pregnancy, especially since there are some pregnant women who suffer from the problem of swelling of the feet as the date of birth approaches, so these shoes are significantly better for them.

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