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What are the benefits of bitter almond oil for the body ?

What are the benefits of bitter almond oil for the body ?

Benefits of bitter almond oil for the body, bitter almond oil contains a variety of vitamins and minerals as well as unsaturated fatty acids that provide the body with a range of health benefits perhaps the most important benefits of bitter almond oil is its multiple medical uses but always spread the use of sweet almond oil for bitter almond oil because the.

What are the benefits of bitter almond oil for health? 

The health benefits offered by bitter almond oil to the body are numerous:

Anthelmintic: the degree of toxicity and bitterness found in bitter almond oil has an active role in killing stomach and intestinal worms, and it also has an active role as a healer of abdominal cramps. But it should be used in very low doses, carefully and under medical supervision،

Killer of bacteria: hydrogen, hydrogen cyanide and benzalhead found in bitter almond oil play an active role in killing bacteria, fungi, germs and viruses .

It has an effective effect as an analgesic: one of the active substances in bitter almond oil, amygdalin glycoside, affects the nerves directly and makes them insensitive to any feeling, even pain, and acts as a pain reliever and anesthetic.

Used as a laxative: the toxicity of bitter almonds grant of Digest in case you haven't digested it happens diarrhea.

Diuretic: working oil of bitter almonds on the diuresis due to its toxicity presents the body's way out through urine or sweat, thus plays an important role in flushing out toxins out of the body and the process of diuresis instrumental the high blood pressure.

Warrior for cancer cells: recent studies have shown that the toxicity of bitter almond oil has an effective role in preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Enter the flavoring industry: bitter almond oil enters the flavoring industry after removing the toxic elements contained in it.

Treatment for skin injuries: almond oil is used topically and in very low concentrations after dilution to treat fungal skin injuries.

Treatment for scalp injuries: after dilution, bitter almond oil is used to treat bacteria and fungi that infect the scalp that cause dandruff.

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