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What are the benefits of black seed with honey

What are the benefits of black seed with honey

Benefits of Nigella with honey, a 2010 laboratory animal study confirmed that mixing Nigella with honey acts as a fight against most liver infections, including liver cancer, as well as the lack of cancer cell growth in infected animals.

What are the benefits of black seed with honey?

  1. It acts as a general force in the process of weight loss: the nature of nigella and honey is full of nutrients for the body, which maintain the body's activity and vitality while following the diet, in addition to its role in the process of weight loss
  2. As anti-inflammatories: honey and pond Bean contain thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone, which are known for their role as anti-inflammatories that protect the body from infections caused by bacterial and viral infections of the body.
  3. Treat pancreatic cancer: studies have proven that eating Nigella oil helps in the process of destroying cancer cells that infect the pancreas by nearly 80%.
  4. To overcome allergic conditions and bronchial asthma: it has an effective role in the treatment of asthma, as it has an effect comparable to the effect of fluticazine, and some studies conducted in 1993 confirmed that Nigella sativa works to stimulate the production of histamine that helps to treat allergic conditions.
  5. It improves the ability of immunity, the pond Bean has a role in neutralizing the effect of toxins that may enter the body because it contains saponins, which helps in this, and it reduces the symptoms of diarrhea caused by poisoning.
  6. Keeps the digestive process going: honey and Nigella sativa have an active role in the process of digestion, because they act as a natural laxative and honey helps prevent the formation of stomach ulcers.
  7. Helps protect against bacterial infections: daily intake of the mixture helps to keep the body from infection with bacteria, even antibiotic-resistant ones such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterial disease that affects the skin resistant to antibiotics.

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