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What are the benefits of boiling lemon peel?

What are the benefits of boiling lemon peel?

 Benefits of boiled lemon peel, lemon peel contains many antioxidants such as vitamin C, and many acids such as citric acid, malic acid, formic acid and pectin, and because lemon peel contains vitamin C, it works to strengthen the immune system and prevent colds, flu and infections.

The benefits of lemon peel for

The primary goal of maintaining the health of the body and protecting it from infections and diseases is to develop a strong immune system, the use of lemon peel can certainly help you do this, a strong immune system is the organ that can effectively resist infection, and the essential nutrients contained in the yellow peel of lemon and especially vitamin C, make the body.

That is why taking lemon peel is effective in treating cold, flu, throat infections and infections of a similar nature, not only that, when taking lemon with lemon peel it is also useful to promote a healthy digestive system because it consists of dietary fiber that promotes correct bowel movements.

Among the benefits of lemon peel also, that every 100 g of lemon peel contains 160 mg of potassium, and 134 mg of calcium, and 129 mg of vitamin C, about 10.6 beauty of the fiber.

Method of action of lemon peel for cold

Bring a lemon and then peel it, bring a spoonful of honey for dessert, a glass of water, squeeze the lemon into the water and put with it the peel and sweeten it as you wish, put it on the fire until it boils, you can let it cool a little and then drink it. This method helps to cleanse the body of toxins and if your nose is blocked by the cold you will notice the effect of lemon peel on it immediately.

Tips before using lemon peel

– Wash it properly

It is very important to wash the lemon peel before using it, due to the fact that at the time the fruits are grown, many insecticides that may be present on the Peel are sprayed. On the other hand, while this lemon is shipped to other areas, a special wax coating is used to prevent the peel from being damaged. This wax can be prepared using an insect, plant or animal composition. Therefore, it's best to eat lemon peels that are grown in your backyard, or growing organically.

Warnings before using lemon peel

Excessive use is not recommended for people with gallbladder and kidney stones.

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