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What are the benefits of cardamom for the skin?

What are the benefits of cardamom for the skin?

Benefits of cardamom for the skin, Cardamom is called by others habahan and is characterized by its attractive aroma, as it is used in the preparation of food, as it treats many stomach diseases in addition to its ability to treat the skin and improve its color and hydration.

The benefits of cardamom for skin

Skin bright

Holds cardamom vitamin C and mayonnaise, it works as an effective antioxidant, it helps to remove dead skin cells and the skin becomes brighter.

Skin cleansing

Cardamom has antiseptic properties to treat skin infections, and cardamom can be used with water to cleanse the skin

Natural cleanser

Cardamom cleanses the skin, helping to reduce pimples and treat acne.

Fight the signs of aging

Cardamom carries antioxidants that help fight premature aging, fight the signs of aging and make the skin always youthful.

Improve skin tone

One of the advantages of cardamom is that it improves skin tone and helps to remove dark areas, giving you softer skin.

Improves blood circulation

Contains cardamom vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant, it also improves blood circulation throughout the body, which promote healthy skin is fixed.

Treats skin allergies

The benefits of cardamom that treat skin allergies, it contains anti-bacterial properties, and can put the cardamom with mask honey on the affected area can be comforting.

It smells good.

Cardamom is used in cosmetics to convey perfume, because of its outstanding spicy aroma, Cardamom is used both in perfumes, soaps, body lotion, powders and other cosmetics, and it is also used as an ingredient in oriental-style perfumes and other aromatic products.

Soothe the skin

Cardamom can be used in skin care and anti-inflammatory products to soothe the skin, thanks to its therapeutic effects, cardamom-smelling facial soap is used to give a sense of warmth to the skin, cosmetics using cardamom for therapeutic reasons and these products are called aromatherapy.

Prevent unpleasant odors

The smell of cardamom prevents unpleasant odors, this makes it a great addition to beauty products hiding the unpleasant odor while retaining the benefits of cosmetics.

Lip Care

Add cardamom to cosmetics that are applied to the lips to give the taste of oil and make the lips soft.

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