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What are the benefits of cast water ?

What are the benefits of cast water ?

Health benefits of flower water, flower water is extracted by water distillation of bitter orange tree flowers, originated in the Middle East, used in Persian, Arabic, Indian and Turkish cuisines, and is considered a delicious addition to various desserts including custard, sweets, cakes, biscuits, sweets and other desserts.

The use of floral water dates back to the 8th century, and by the 14th century it was widely used throughout the Middle East, and from there its use became well established throughout Europe, and in the past it was used in the daily beauty routine for a famous, flawless and radiant skin. And cast water is a general health tonic, which can treat many health problems.

Benefits of cast water:

Help to sleep and get rid from insomnia:

Floral water is known for its soothing and relaxing properties, by spraying a little water on a cotton napkin and placing it next to the pillow.

Minimizing stomach disorders:

Cast water has been used to relieve stomach disorders, nausea, vomiting, and indigestion.

Hand freshener:

It can be used as a detergent and hand freshener especially for guests.

Soothe cough:

Flower water can be added to a tea containing lemon, cinnamon and honey, this combination will help get rid of cough and relieve sore throat.

Stop diarrhea:

Flower water has antidiarrheal properties.

Useful for the skin:

It is known that orange flower water effects are wonderful for the skin and makes the skin smooth and glowing, helps to moisturize your skin, all you need to do is add half a cup of rose water with 3 tablespoons of honey, and 2 to 3 cups of warm milk to bath water to get beautiful smooth skin.

Useful for hair:

It is used in many hair care products and gives the hair a very amazing and shiny aroma.

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