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What are the benefits of eating fenugreek on an empty stomach

What are the benefits of eating fenugreek on an empty stomach

Benefits of eating fenugreek on an empty stomach, fenugreek is one of the herbal plants rich in vitamins, minerals and salts that benefit the body, thanks to its sugars, magnesium, acids and fiber, it works to improve health and get rid of infections.

What are the benefits of 7 beads of fenugreek

Improve digestive problems

Fenugreek helps treat many digestive problems, such as stomach upset, constipation and gastritis, it relieves constipation, it also treats indigestion and is often included in the diet treatment plan ulcerative colitis due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

Improved cholesterol levels

Medical research has shown that fenugreek treats atherosclerosis and high fat levels in addition fenugreek helps diabetics reduce cholesterol naturally along with triglycerides without affecting HDL cholesterol.

Reduce inflammation within the body

Fenugreek reduces inflammation within the body such as mouth ulcers, bronchitis, subdermal tissue injury, chronic cough, cancer, and kidney disease.

Lowering blood sugar levels

According to Dr. Richard Palmquist, fenugreek has had medicinal qualities for thousands of years, as it is believed to lower blood sugar, and is useful for many things, including the management of metabolic and nutritional disorders such as diabetes.

Increase sexual desire in men

Fenugreek is used to treat hernias, erectile dysfunction and other men's problems, such as baldness because fenugreek may increase levels of sexual arousal and testosterone levels.

Promote milk flow in breastfeeding

Fenugreek helps in the flow of milk to women with a lack of milk supply because it acts as a galactagogue. Galactagogues are substances that help increase milk supply, and they also increase milk production in less than 24 hours.

Reduce inflammation from outside the body

In addition to reducing internal inflammation of the human body, fenugreek reduces external inflammation and treats pain and swelling of muscles and lymph nodes, gout, wounds, leg ulcers, and dandruff.

Adds flavor to food

Used as a flavoring agent in maple syrup frying in addition the leaves of the plant can be used in salads, fresh and dried leaves are used in Indian gastronomy.


Some studies have been conducted on people after eating fenugreek, showing the ability of fenugreek to open people's appetite.

Improved athletic performance

Reports of the Journal of Science and medicine have shown that the addition of creatine extract and fenugreek for men, effectively increases muscle strength and body composition.

Help improve blood sugar

Over eight weeks, 11 out of 18 participants consumed hot water soaked fenugreek seeds, and participants who consumed hot water soaked fenugreek seeds showed a marked improvement in blood glucose levels compared to the other group.

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