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What are the benefits of egg yolk for hair?

What are the benefits of egg yolk for hair?

The benefits of egg yolk for hair, not only use the yolk for cooking other, but since the sixteenth-twentieth century at least, the ladies began to apply homemade treatments using egg yolk the hair, as it is believed egg yolk substitute natural, inexpensive, and you can treat your hair using it regularly or sometimes.

The benefits of egg yolk for hair

In the case of hair treatment, it is preferable to use egg yolk because it contains some useful nutrients such as fatty acids, lecithin, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, Vitamin B, and biotin.

1 - stimulates hair growth

The yolk of material rich in protein is important for hair growth, because it is all you need to regenerate the cells of the body quickly, which also includes a rapid hair growth.

2 - prevents hair breakage

The use of an artificial hair treatment product helps to clean your hair. However, it removes natural hair oil during use, as a result, the hair will be dry and weak. Moreover, the hair will be prone to breakage. In this case, use the egg yolk as an or mask for hair is able to restore the natural oil owned hair and scalp. In other words, applying egg yolk to the hair will help you prevent hair falling out due to breakage.

3. remove dandruff

Egg yolk treats dandruff, and you can combine egg yolk with other ingredients such as neem oil which is effective to combat dandruff. And you will get both nutrition and effective anti-dandruff property.

4 - prevents hair loss

Protein is an important thing for hair, adding egg yolk to the hair along with some other useful ingredients will cause moisture to stick and penetrate the hair pores and scalp, this process enables the hair to achieve nutrition. Further the hair roots will be stronger.

5 - prevents premature graying

Combination of egg yolk, oils, natural essential oil such as coconut is able to strengthen the natural hair color. In addition to the combination of coconut oil and egg yolks, you can also get the benefits of curry leaves and coconut oil for gray hair. So, it is able to prevent premature graying.

6. enhances hair shine

Help the egg yolks to make your hair more silky and shiny it is as an channel for you can also add some extra virgin olive oil.

7. getting rid of lice

However, it may be unsafe for children in this case, you can use egg yolk as a safe and cheap home remedy to get rid of lice.

Method of using egg yolk for hair

You can add some lemon juice to the egg yolk, it contains a large amount of vitamin C which gives the benefits of vitamin C for hair. Just apply it to the scalp and hair. After that, wrap the hair tightly using a plastic bag or a wet towel. Keep it for 6 hours. Since it is a slow remedy, you can apply it before the children go to bed and clean it the next morning.

You can either use egg yolks on your hair yourself or mix them with other ingredients such as honey or olive oil. If your hair is short, it may be yolks (egg one) enough to treat all your hair, but if your hair longer, you'll need to use more.

The mixture or egg yolk is applied to your dry hair, after combing it, leave it for up to 30 minutes and then the shampoo is applied to treat the hair as usual. You may need to wash the shampoo longer to remove all the yolks from your hair.

How to get rid of the smell of eggs?

If the smell persists after these treatments, be sure to add the lemon juice in “shampoo and conditioner” before putting it on the hair.

Warnings before using egg yolks for hair

  • Wear old clothes when using egg yolks on your hair.
  • Rinse your hair with cold water because hot will make the eggs sticky and difficult to remove.
  • If you are allergic to any ingredient in egg yolk recipes, do not use this ingredient.

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