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What are the benefits of fennel and anise?

What are the benefits of fennel and anise?

Benefits of fennel and anise, anise is one of the species of plants with a beautiful fragrant aroma, it is grown in southern Europe, Turkey, Iran, China, India, Japan, Southern and eastern USA and recent scientific research has proved that its first appearance was in Egypt.

Originally grown in the Mediterranean, fennel is still used in many Greek and Italian dishes, but is now used all over the world as well, and both anise and fennel have many health and nutritional benefits, helping to heal colds, respiratory infections, relieve irritable bowel pain, nourish hair and protect it from falling and breakage, in addition to their benefits in weight loss.

Fennel and anise are similar in shape but are distinguished from each other in that the fennel color is closer to the light green, and the grains are large and pointed at both ends, the anise color is closer to the yellowish brown, and the size is smaller than the fennel, and the taste is sweet.

The benefits of anise are that it contains proteins, fatty oils, fiber, sugars and starch besides the extraction of essential oil from it, and also contains choline, a substance found in all cells, especially bile, which is necessary for the functioning of the liver, as one cup of it contains thirteen calories; so it is an ideal food for those who.

Benefits of fennel and anise:

  1. anise saves you from bloating.
  2. expels sputum from the trachea and prevents the formation of gases or mold in the intestine and stomach.
  3. anise helps soothe colic in children, increase sweat secretion and urine intake.
  4.  anise increases sexual desire for those with Ed.
  5. works to increase breast milk for nursing mother.
  6. fennel helps to get rid of urinary problems in adults
  7. fennel treats mouth and gum infections, and treats stomach ulcers
  8. used in slimming mixtures to burn fat
  9. makes you get a quiet sleep.
  10. anise treats menstrual aches, facilitates women & apos; s birth process, and controls spasms.

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