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What are the benefits of figs for the body ?

What are the benefits of figs for the body ?

Benefits of figs for the body, fig fruit is characterized by its sweet taste, and is used in many therapeutic and cosmetic purposes, because it contains many vitamins, minerals and fiber that work to fight diseases.

What are the health benefits of figs ?

Prevent constipation

Figs are high in fiber, which helps improve digestion function, preventing constipation and regulating unhealthy stomach movements that cause bloating and gases.

Weight loss

Doctors who suffer from obesity and work to lose weight recommend eating a small amount of figs, because it contains fiber, but at the same time they warn against eating figs excessively because it has high calories lead to weight gain, so a few figs give the body the required vitamins.

Reduce the level of cholesterol

Among the dietary fibers that are characteristic of figs is pectin, a soluble fiber that helps to lower cholesterol, it works to stimulate proper bowel movement and has an effect in preventing stomach and colon cancer.

Heart protection

Dried figs contain phenol, omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which reduce the risk of heart disease in addition, fig leaves break down triglycerides, which are a cause of heart disease

Treatment of colon cancer

Spend the fiber in Figs radicals that cause cancer cells especially in the colon.

Breast cancer prevention

Fiber works on the protection of breast cancer after menopause, what in turn affects the hormonal balance in women and thus affect the immune system and its ability to resist radicals that cause the development of cancer cells, so the fig is one of the ways to defend the body against cancer cells.

Control your blood sugar level

Some researchers have confirmed that eating figs helps reduce the amount of insulin needed by diabetics, as well as potassium fibers that help regulate the amount of sugar absorbed by the body after meals.

Treatment of impotence

Figs are known as an aphrodisiac, in addition to serving to reduce impotence such as infertility or erectile dysfunction, because they contain important vitamins and minerals, just soak 3 grains of figs in milk all night and drink them in the morning to enhance sexual ability.

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