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What are the benefits of hibiscus pressure ?

What are the benefits of hibiscus pressure ?

Hibiscus is one of the most famous drinks in the world and has a delicious taste, it is an acidic plant characterized by its red color and contains many plant acids such as Acton, malic and citric acid, in addition to some colored substances it also contains vitamin C and calcium salts.

Hibiscus has been known for thousands of years and has been used by the Pharaohs in many therapeutic recipes, and has been known as a pain reliever, detoxifier and digestive tonic as well as a natural and effective tonic for the body in general.

Method of preparation of hibiscus drink:

Hibiscus is drunk hot or cold to taste, prepared by soaking hibiscus leaves for 12 hours and then filtered and sweetened to taste.

Benefits of hibiscus:

  1. Hibiscus is known as the most famous treatment for hypertension.
  2. Hibiscus activates the blood circulation of the body.
  3. Regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  4. Helps prevent cancer diseases.
  5. A natural moisturizer for the skin and an effective tonic for digestion.
  6. Prevents the hibiscus feeling thirsty for long periods so it is the most popular drink in the month of Ramadan.
  7. Hibiscus contains a range of salts that help treat gout, rheumatism and relieve salts especially in those who suffer from kidney disease and accumulated stones.
  8. Hibiscus helps treat colds, coughs and high body temperature because it contains vitamin C.
  9. For women, hibiscus of the best sedatives that help to get rid of the pain and cramps of the uterus and mitigate significantly.
  10. Hibiscus is used in weight loss as it works to absorb carbohydrates and starches which helps to remove accumulated fat.


Don't forget to hibiscus increases the contractions of the uterus so it should not be addressed in the first period of pregnancy should be approached with caution in pregnancy months the last, as it antipyretic fast and press so you must eat it in very small amounts in cases suffering from low blood pressure.
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