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What are the benefits of Korean ginseng ?

What are the benefits of Korean ginseng ?

Benefits of Korean ginseng, the use of ginseng as a medicinal herb dates back to a long time when it was used in China in 100 BC China is the first country in the world in terms of its consumption and ginseng is grown in South Korea more than in any country around the world and several types of ginseng are available such as American ginseng, Korean.

What are the benefits of ginseng, medicinal?

Use ginseng as a traditional treatment for a number of health problems and there are a range of proven medical benefits of ginseng namely:

Treats general mood swings and stress: a trial of 30 volunteers in the UK with a dose of 400 mg for eight days in a row demonstrated the ability of ginseng to improve mental arithmetic and mood and is instrumental in reducing stress.

Improved mental function of Alzheimer's patients: studies in a group of Alzheimer's patients have shown that ginseng, if taken daily for 12 weeks, can improve the mental function of Alzheimer's patients, and other studies have shown that the combination of ginseng with ginkgo biloba significantly helps in the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Anti-inflammatory: in a study in laboratory mice ginseng showed an effective effect in the treatment of sinusitis .

Helps to lose weight: studies in laboratory mice have shown that ginseng can give a sense of satiety and also improves the process of burning fat.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction: experiments conducted in 2002 showed that ginsenosides in ginseng are effective in treating erectile dysfunction by expanding the blood vessels feeding the penis as well as relaxing the muscle tissue of the penis.

Protects the lung and prevents pulmonary embolism: ginseng reduces the rate of infection of the lung with bacteria, stops the growth of cystic fibrosis in the lung and also has an active role in the treatment of COPD .

Reduces blood sugar: several studies have shown that ginseng can reduce blood sugar in patients with Type 2 diabetes and also increase the body's sensitivity to insulin .

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