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What are the benefits of lemon for kidneys?

What are the benefits of lemon for kidneys?

Lemon is one of the most famous citrus fruits, contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and fiber and has an effective role in maintaining the strength of the immune system, because it contains a high content of vitamin c and has an effective effect as a skin cleanser.

According to Stephen Nakada, chair of urology at the University of Wisconsin, USA, lemon works to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Information about the effect of lemon on the kidneys:

In case you have gallstones, you can not forget the severity of the pain you experienced, and eating lemon on a daily basis helps you prevent the formation of stones again, because it contains a high percentage of “jackets” in its components and has an effect similar to the treatment “potassium citrate” prescribed by your doctor in case you are prone to.

Taking lemon juice on a daily basis without adding sugar, or with a little sugar helps to reach the amount of citrate in the urine to a sufficient proportion; to prevent the formation of kidney stones, but it is not a substitute for the medicine prescribed by your doctor, but it may be an auxiliary solution if there is a blocker when the patient.

A study of a group of people with kidney stones who consume lemonade almost daily showed similar positive results ,as they had less susceptibility to the formation of stones.

Lemon juice also plays an active role as a diuretic.

You can prepare lemonade, by adding 7 cups of water to half a glass of concentrated lemonade, preferably not adding sugar;because the high calories available in sugar may harm the body.

Other tips to avoid the formation of kidney :

  1. Reduce the proportion of salt in food.
  2. Take the right amount of water on average 2 liters per day.
  3. Do not overeat meat and fish.

Benefits of lemon for the body:

  1. Maintains skin health.
  2. Helps in the process of losing excess weight.
  3. It has an effective role as a digester.
  4. Prevents the occurrence of constipation.
  5. It has an analgesic effect of toothache.
  6. Treatment for the effects of burns.
  7. Temporary treatment of nosebleeds.
  8. Repellent to toxins.
  9. Not an effective role in the treatment of throat infections.

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