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What are the benefits of licorice for ?

What are the benefits of licorice for ?

The benefits of licorice for the body, licorice is one of the oldest trees cultivated and used for therapeutic purposes where licorice was used largely in traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment for many health problems as used by the ancient Egyptians by adding it to tea for therapeutic purposes as well as it is a delicious drink and enters licorice in the candy industry Licorice cultivation is widespread in the Mediterranean basin and regions of Asia and Europe.

What are the benefits of licorice?                                  

One of the most important benefits of licorice is that it contains an acid called glycyrrhizic acid, which is similar in its chemical composition to cortisone known for its benefits as an anti-inflammatory.:

Treatment of heartburn : many recent studies the effectiveness of licorice in the treatment of heartburn, as it uses them as a remedy to my house to wrench the abdomen as it enters into the composition of medicines used to treat heartburn and preferably eat it before meals.

Effective treatment for stomach: characteristics of the anti-inflammatory found in licorice enhance its ability to treat stomach ulcers.

Treatment for nervous tension: one of the most important benefits of licorice is its ability to act as a regulator of the hormone cortisol, “the hormone responsible for nervous tension “secreted by the adrenal gland.

Strengthen the immune system: eating licorice helps to activate the immune system, helping to prevent diseases such as influenza and hepatitis C virus, and it contains antioxidants that play an effective role in fighting free electrolytes that may lead to cancer.

Treatment for cough and throat congestion: one of the most famous benefits of licorice is its ability to treat cough as it has an effective role as a popular expectorant and also contains licorice anti-inflammatory which helps in the treatment of throat infections.

Treatment of menopausal symptoms in women: licorice root has a similar effect to estrogen which in turn alleviates the symptoms of menopause in women.

Skin eczema treatment: licorice is used as a topical treatment for skin eczema because it contains glyceretic acid which gives an effect similar to that of cortisone as an anti-inflammatory.

Treatment of tooth decay: licorice can be used as a topical treatment to treat tooth decay because of its ability to kill bacteria.

It enters several industries: licorice enters the candy industry as well as soft drinks and also enters the manufacture of many medical preparations.

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