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What are the benefits of licorice in breast augmentation?

What are the benefits of licorice in breast augmentation?

Benefits of licorice in breast augmentation, for many more complete breasts are highly desirable physical attributes, because they symbolize the increase of sex and female hormones, and for women who want to have larger breasts, they often turn to surgeries, which are sometimes risky, and not a permanent option, so some resort to the benefits of licorice in breast augmentation because

Licorice helps stimulate breast growth-according to the National Institutes of health - as it raises physical amounts of the hormone estrogen that is associated with female sexual characteristics such as breast tissue and menstruation, and although licorice doses for breast augmentation have not been studied, the National Institutes of Health recommends licorice extract of 1 milliliter three times a day for stomach upset, licorice should not

It contains a complex of herbs that successfully increase the level of estrogen and prolactin, the main hormones that highlight breast growth.

Side effects of licorice

For the mite has many benefits, but eating it daily for several weeks, no serious side effects, including paralysis and brain damage in extreme cases.

  1. excess amounts of licorice may cause constipation, potassium deficiency in the blood, and can lead to diarrhea and in extreme cases irritable bowel syndrome.
  2. excessive consumption of licorice causes headaches, constriction and expansion of cerebral arteries.
  3. the occurrence of dizziness and fatigue, due to high blood pressure is very large, which causes nausea, dizziness and some visual problems.
  4. overweight.
  5. high blood pressure for critical and serious conditions.
  6. may damage the liver.
  7. harmful to the child during pregnancy, because of the hormone estrogen stimulates premature birth or miscarriage.
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