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What are the benefits of orange peel skin dry?

What are the benefits of orange peel skin dry?

Benefits of orange peel for dry skin, orange peel for dry skin contains nutrients and nutrients for healthy, extremely useful for the skin and can heal orange peel a lot of cases, the skin, in fact orange peel is an essential ingredient in many beauty products today because of its effectiveness in brightening the skin and reducing acne.

Contains orange peel on a larger amount of vitamin C than the Orange itself, where every 100 grams of orange peel contains 136 milligrams of vitamin C, while the portion located under the crust on the 70 milligrams / 100 grams only.

Vitamin C not only fights free radicals that destroy working skin cells, but also helps to add a glowing shine to your skin, making orange peel an effective skin product. Every 100 grams of orange peel contains 161 milligrams, or 16 per cent of the recommended daily calcium, which makes it ideal for skin treatments. If you have itchy dry skin , be sure to check your calcium levels – they may be deficient.

What are the benefits of orange peel for dry skin

-Potassium in the orange peel moisturizes dry skin and helps maintain moisture.

-Orange peel has powerful properties that help prevent annoying pimples, apply a thick layer of orange peel face mask to deeply cleanse pores and expel dirt, excess oil and bacteria, which cause pimples and blackheads to appear on the surface of the skin.

-Orange peel cleanses your face, leaves your skin oil-free and moisturizes it at the same time orange peel is known to absorb excess oil or sebum from oily skin, uses a face mask composed of ground orange peel with coconut oil, and effectively contributes to the ejection of acne-causing oils from the depths of the skin pores.

-Protects the skin from free radical damage. It preserves its youth and is damaged by an unprecedented glow and shine.

-Calcium contained in the orange peel helps in the regeneration of worn skin cells, prevents DNA damage and prevents the appearance of crusts or itching in the skin.

-Magnesium contained in orange peel prevents oxidative stress in skin cells and ensures you have youthful and glowing skin.

Method of obtaining orange peel

Save the orange peel from the oranges we eat, then remove the friable white parts inside the Shell, and wash in warm distilled water.

Spread the orange peel in a tray and place it in an area that receives plenty of sunlight. Leave to dry in the open air and cover with a thin cloth or mesh to protect it from dirt and insects.

Grind it in a food processor without adding any water and then store it in a sealed box.

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