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What are the benefits of quinoa?

What are the benefits of quinoa?

The use of quinoa has increased in recent periods as it has been talked about in many health programs as a food source full of health benefits and nutrients, even the food and Agriculture Organization of the United States declared 2013 the year of quinoa in an invitation to use quinoa in various foods.

There are three types of white, red and black quinoa, white is used as a substitute for rice in main dishes and courgettes while Red maintains the shape of its grains after cooking fits salad dishes, Black is the most powerful taste and also maintains the shape of grains after cooking like the red type.

Enter the quinoa in all food ranging from salads to rice dishes, pastries and contain very high amounts of protein, dietary fiber and low in starches.

Benefits of quinoa:

  • A rich source of protein

100 grams of quinoa contains 4.4 grams of protein which is much higher than all other protein sources be it vegetable or animal, and it also has a high content of iron which fights anemia.

  • Treat high blood pressure

Quinoa is a rich source also contains 100 grams of quinoa me of magnesium making it a source of healing for many diseases, most notably high blood pressure.

  • Protects skin and eliminates wrinkles:

Contains quinoa vitamin A, B-6 and enzymes that maintain the vitality and freshness of the skin and wrinkles, so we can say that quinoa is the best food to keep youthful skin.

  • Quinoa is the main source of protein for those allergic to gluten products

Quinoa is the only source of protein that does not contain gluten so it is a rich food source for those who are allergic to gluten, in addition to it is an important component of the diet program for vegetarians because it is rich in fiber, magnesium, vitamins and iron.

  • Help to reduce weight

100 grams of stewed quinoa contains only 120 calories and also helps to feel full for long periods due to its fiber-rich nature, so it is an important component of any weight loss diet program.

But it must be borne in mind that 100 grams of quinoa, uncooked contain high calories, specifically 370 calories, so you should eat it cooked, if within the diet program for weight loss.

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