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What are the benefits of red onion peel ?

What are the benefits of red onion peel ?

The benefits of red onion peel are manifold, although we throw it in the garbage, but its benefits can be more valuable than vegetables, as research confirms that the outer onion peel provides an exceptionally rich source of plant compounds called flavonoids, especially the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound quercetin.

This compound is under study as an agent for lowering bad cholesterol, blood pressure, fighting allergies, reducing inflammation, promoting muscle growth and function, treating depression, some forms of cancer and other conditions, and it is also said to have anti-inflammatory effects.

Method of utilization onion peel

Although the onion peel is inedible, you can reap the benefits by adding it to the soup or broth, to extract quercetin and other beneficial plant compounds that the onion peel may contain, you can put one or two onions in the soup bowl and stir well, you can then take full advantage of the onion peel.

And you can put the onion peel in long socks or tights thin tie them well and then put them in soups or rice, and you can get rid of dandruff after finishing cooking, you can reap the additional benefit of onion peel is change the color of the soup according to your own color peel the onion of the user.

Other benefits of onion peel

Onion peel is rich in fiber, fiber-rich diets help reduce heart disease, digestive problems, some cancers, Type II diabetes, and according to scientific journals the phenolic compounds in onion peel help in the Prevention of coronary artery disease and have anti-cancer properties.

Onion peel also has antifungal properties, onion peel also helps with leg cramps, you can boil the onion peel for 10 minutes, then drain the peel from the water and drink it as tea before bedtime, it may take about a week to start, you can also use this boiling water as a hair dye, and drink this water may help

Onion husks help hair growth, reduce dandruff, and rinse the hair, which leads to smoothing, and its flavonol can reduce blood pressure and prevent arterial plasma that can cause stroke.

Tips before using onion peel

Use only organic onions, or thoroughly wash the onion peel with a mixture of bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and lemon juice, otherwise you will take the insecticides that are on the surface of the onion peel.

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