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What are the benefits of seafood for a pregnant woman?

What are the benefits of seafood for a pregnant woman?

The benefits of seafood for pregnant women are very many during pregnancy because there are at least three opportunities every day to promote your baby's health .

A recent study found that mothers who eat seafood two or three times a week during pregnancy have reached the stage of imitating the voice of characters, recognizing family members and even being able to drink from a cup faster than usual.

At the age of six months the baby of a pregnant woman who eats this type of food is more likely to sit or crawl without any support than not and even the babies of mothers who eat seafood are more likely to climb stairs, write or draw by the ninth month .

Another benefit of seafood for pregnant women is:

- Promote your child's brain development

Omega-3 acids found in seafood such as tuna are an important part of a child's brain development as eating them by an expectant or nursing mother increases the chance of a child's brain developing normally, and research suggests the importance of eating at least 225 grams of seafood per week .

- Improve your child's eyesight

Studies also show that not having enough omega-3 in a child during pregnancy may have negative effects on the development of the baby's eyes in addition to that women who eat a lot of meat but reduce seafood their children may experience a lack of essential omega-3 nutrients .

– Help your child get to sleep

When pregnant eating seafood that contains a lot of nutrients breast milk is enhanced by these benefits that greatly nourish the baby and contribute to its faster and more effective growth as the study found that children of mothers whose milk contains the DHA contained in omega-3 showed more calm and stable sleep than others .

Thus, we recognize the importance of eating seafood during pregnancy and even after birth to ensure your baby's omega 3 naturally and thus nourish it with everything necessary for brain development, high levels of intelligence and a healthy life for your baby from the beginning .

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