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What are the benefits of thyme green ?

What are the benefits of thyme green ?

The benefits of green thyme, the use of thyme as a traditional remedy dates back to a long time where it was used in the Roman era as an anti-poisoning treatment, and also as a means of preserving food before the use of refrigerators, as the substance thymol available in thyme enters the manufacture of many drugs because of its antifungal and bacterial properties.

What are the benefits of green thyme ?

Treat throat infections: thyme is one of the most powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial agents that may be used to treat sore throat; it contains carvacrol, which has an antibacterial and antimicrobial effect.

Helps to cure heart disease: research has shown that eating thyme effective in lowering blood pressure is considered one of the best herbs that can be for patients with high-pressure dealt with, and thyme ability to reduce triglycerides and harmful cholesterol in the blood .

Prevents food contamination diseases: thymol contained in thyme has an effective role in removing any type of contamination found in the food, thereby reducing the incidence of various food contamination diseases.

Improving mood: recent research has shown the ability of carvacrol in thyme to improve mood, where research has shown the ability of carvacrol if used for seven consecutive days in stimulating the secretion of the hormones dopamine and citronine, which play an effective role in improving mood, making it one of the best natural antidepressants.

Fights Cancer : recent studies have shown the ability of a substance Carol to fight the spread of cancer cells in the colon.

Treats chest problems: thyme has been used as an effective cough remedy since time immemorial, and it is also in the manufacture of many cough medicine.

Treats diseases of the mouth and gums: thymol in thyme enters the manufacture of many antiseptic fluids for the mouth and teeth for its ability to fight caries as well as fight fungi and bacteria in the mouth.

Used as a sterilizer: thymol contained in thyme enters the manufacture of various sterilization fluids and antibacterial medical creams

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