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What are the benefits of water gum?

What are the benefits of water gum?

Benefits of frankincense water, frankincense water has been known as a traditional drink in the Middle East for centuries, where Yemenis and Omanis are famous for soaking pieces of frankincense in water and leaving it for a night or more and eating the drink on a daily basis, and doctors there say that thanks to frankincense water there is a decrease in the incidence of cancer.

Frankincense water is the product of soaking frankincense in water, frankincense is the gum of the kandar tree or frankincense tree, an aromatic plant with many species and frankincense tree is widespread in Yemen and Oman as well as in the Arabian Peninsula, northern Somalia and Iraq . Frankincense contains many substances useful for the body, it acts as an anti-inflammatory, antifungal, analgesic, antiseptic, astringent, abdominal gas repellent, antioxidant, digester, diuretic, expectorant and neuroleptic.

If you eat frankincense water gives your body all those benefits mentioned above and many others, where scientific studies have shown that there is a substance contained in frankincense that stops the spread of cancer cells inside the body, where cancer affects the cell in the event of a defect in its DNA, frankincense corrects that error, frankincense separates the nucleus of the cancer cell when its body “cytoplasm” 

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Daily use of frankincense water helps protect you from the following health problems:  

  1. joint infections: frankincense water contains cortisone in its composition to protect you from joint infections.
  2. indigestion: frankincense water is widely used as a home solution to most indigestion and gas problems in the Middle East. 
  3. weak immunity: your daily intake of frankincense water keeps your immune system without problems, scientists say that a strong immune system is the product of a gut free of bacteria and microbes, and since frankincense water guarantees you a gut free of microbes it helps keep your immune system strong.
  4. body full of toxins: the action of frankincense water as a diuretic makes your body always free of toxins, so as long as the body gets rid of water well, this keeps it free of toxins.    
  5. respiratory problems and sinus infections: keeping you to eat frankincense water on a daily basis keeps the bronchial functions intact. It acts as a sedative for cough and respiratory allergies.
  6. skin wrinkles and roughness: frankincense water keeps your skin from wrinkles thanks to containing many antioxidants, which is one of the best and cheapest anti-wrinkle means, and some use frankincense water locally on the skin.

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Method of preparation of frankincense water

Don't take to prepare the water gum more minutes so that all you need is water, frankincense, click frankincense vase glass-sealed with hot water for one night, and you can use it in the morning.

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