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What are the benefits of zinc for men and women?

What are the benefits of zinc for men and women?

The benefits of zinc for men and women, zinc is one of the minerals necessary to maintain general human health and the proper functioning of vital functions in the body.zinc is available in many food sources, especially animal proteins such as meat and some types of fish, as well as dairy products, especially unpasteurized ones. zinc is also available in a range of cereals and is also available in a

What are the benefits of zinc?

There are many health benefits that zinc offers to the human body namely:

Immunosuppressant and fights frequent cold infections: recent studies show that zinc can prevent the formation of bronchial mucus, as well as prevent the growth of bacteria that form in the nasal passage.

Antioxidant : zinc has an effective role as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and prevents the development of infection, and not an effective role as a barrier to the growth of cancer cells and helps stop the growth of tumors.

Maintains hormonal balance: one of the most important benefits of zinc is its ability to maintain hormonal balance and has an active role in the production process of hormones as it is a natural stimulant of testosterone that increases fertility in men as it helps in the formation and release of eggs from the ovaries and also has an active role in the production

Fight diabetes : zinc regulates the hormone insulin where it combines with insulin, insulin is stored in the pancreas adequately and is only excreted when needed, and it stimulates the conversion of glucose into energy instead of fat and is stored inside the body.

Maintains cardiovascular health: zinc supports the lining of blood vessels, keeping blood circulation normal and reducing the incidence of clots.

Treats severe cases of diarrhea: supplements containing zinc are used to treat severe cases of diarrhea.

Increases fertility in men:

Improves the body's absorption of food: zinc has a great ability to improve digestion and also helps in the process of breaking down carbohydrates, so the lack of zinc inside the body causes severe fatigue and fatigue.

  • Maintains liver health.
  • Helps maintain muscle health.
  • Symptoms of zinc deficiency inside the body.
  • Change in the general mood.
  • Change in the ability to taste foods.
  • Unjustified increase or decrease in weight.
  • Loss of ability to concentrate. 

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