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What diseases are caused by the conditioner

What diseases are caused by the conditioner

The diseases caused by the air conditioner there is no doubt that it is many, although we do not feel them sometimes because of our habit of the industrial atmosphere that results from the air conditioner , and we must realize that the air conditioner no matter how advanced technologies can renew the air and cool it in indoor places, but the air quality can not be compared

Inflammation of the larynx or tonsils:

Doctors advise that the difference between the temperature outside and inside the room should not be more than 10 degrees Celsius, because the large difference in temperature between the inside and outside may cause inflammation of the tonsils due to the temperature differences exposed to the human throat.

Allergies and nasal obstruction especially in children:

The air refining process carried out by the air conditioner makes a large amount of dust attached to it daily, so if we do not clean the air conditioner filter Weekly, the accumulated moist air may cause an allergy similar to leaching.

Disease Legionnaires ' disease:

Legionnaires ' disease affects the respiratory tract, a type of atypical pneumonia, (its symptoms are hyperthermia, general intoxication, pulmonary damage and injury to the central and digestive nervous systems), and this disease affects office workers the most.

Dry skin:

If you have dry skin due to AC, the only treatment is to stay away from AC


Dust from the conditioner and its carrying bacteria and viruses cause inflammation of the sinuses, and this inflammation can develop into the appearance of suppuration in the pharynx, which sometimes requires surgical intervention to treat it.

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