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What foods contain vitamin A ?

What foods contain vitamin A ?

Vitamin A is one of the most important vitamins important for the human body, as vitamin A maintains eye health and immunity of the body, it also carries in its components antioxidants that work to fight diseases, inhibit the growth of roots that cause the appearance of cancer cells.

Vitamin A deficiency leads to blindness, growth retardation, reproductive problems, dry eyes and hair loss.

There is vitamin A in many vegetables and animal products:

Potatoes-carrots – beef – spinach – dried apricots – broccoli – egg yolk – fish liver oil – red pepper – whole milk – cheese – mango – tomato – green peas – papaya – peach-oats.

The benefits of vitamin A

Protects the eye

Vitamin A is responsible for vision, preventing macular degeneration that causes age-related blindness.
In one study of people taking vitamin A, C, E, Copper, and zinc, the risk of blinding macular degeneration decreased in old age.

Some studies have also shown that vitamin A drops are effective for treating dry eye, treating dry eye syndrome as the most effective description for relieving dry eye.

Some studies in early 2011 also indicated that vitamin A helps slow the progression of hereditary vision loss disease in youth.

Boosts immune system

Vitamin A vitamins that are involved in immune responses in the fight against diseases, such as influenza or the common cold, and serious diseases such as cancer, containing vitamin A antioxidants help boost the immune system especially in children and combat the chronic diseases .

Fights inflammation

Vitamin A has antioxidant properties, which prevent the growth of rootswhich cause damage to cellular tissue, it also helps reduce the risk of certain types of food allergies, and lower the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Promotes skin health

Vitamin A helps to heal wounds, Re-grow the skin, it also fights skin cancer, fights acne, improves skin health, produces collagen in the skin that makes the skin look smaller, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and vitamin A deficiency leads to weak skin.

Fighting cancer

Some studies have shown the ability of vitamin A to treat many forms of cancer, thanks to its inclusion of retinoic acid that plays a role in preventing the growth of cancer cells such as lung cancer, prostate, breast, ovary, bladder, and you can get vitamin A from natural sources such as food, vegetables, and dietary supplements.
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